Friday 25 April 2014


So, here we are my first blog so I decided that I need to start big and that's exactly what I've done with my first victim.

This guy has grown into possibly the UK's most technically gifted lyricist, he hit number 31 with his first single release "Brainwashed" and his first album "Bud, Sweat & Beers" sold over 100,000 copies. Since then he has gained his well earned reputation.Let's see what Devlin had to say for himself when I caught up with him.

First things first how you doing Devz it's been a while...

Devlin: Yea I'm good Bozie, I've just bin getting busy behind the scene's again.

Me: What age were you when you first picked up a mic?

Devlin: I started writing at about the age of 12 and was getting on the mike in friends houses and local pirate stations at 14.

Me: Who was your inspiration?

Devlin: I can't pin it down to one person, but everything from Motown, Bruce Springsteen, Slim Shady ,OT, Nasty crew and Big Pun etc

Me: At what point would you say you started to get recognition in the grime scene?

Devlin: I'd say around fifteen, sixteen is when people started to take note, so my early years on Rinse FM really.

Me: Was it easy coming into a scene that was pretty overflowed with talent with the likes of Wiley, Ghetts, Wretch 32, Crazy Titch etc?

Devlin: Nothing worth having comes easy, but healthy competition just drove me to try and better myself as much as possible and I was lucky to have talented people around me to increase my drive.

Me: Seeing how Dogzy brought you in is there an unsigned mc/artist out there who you think you could bring in that would make the same impression you have on the scene?

Devlin: There's lots of new talent out there, but the way it happened with me and Dogz was just natural. We were from the same place and just clicked, I think he could relate to where I was and what I was trying to do because he'd bin there.

Me: I used to love all the old school "F Radio" sets, I think the most memorable moment for me is when you dropped "big bars I keep bringing, swinging on the microphone yeah an I'm winning" on the youngers set.What is your best memory from coming through the ranks?

Devlin: I think one of my best memories from them times was when I got the first hard copies back for Tales from the Crypt and I had my first finished cd in my hands.

Me: Being likened to Eminem so much, how does that feel? Because there's always that feeling of wanting to be yourself rather than being "like" someone else.

Devlin: I couldn't be like Eminem if I tried loll nobody could. I just take it as a massive complement and think, I'd rather be compared to Em than Vanilla ice.

Me: Have you ever considered or been asked to do any acting? I ask because the "Watchtower" video was quite a performance from you and Ed

Devlin: I got approached to star in a film and that came off the back of videos like Watchtower and it was a slyly daunting, but amazing life experience and I'd be up for doing more work in that field.

Me: You've collaborated with some big artists but I found the strange one was Paul Weller, how did that come about?

Devlin: Paul Weller was at Island records when I signed and the people that I was working with at Island, put the idea of working with me to him and thankfully he said yes. That was the most important collab to me, because my brother my dad my friends and I loved his music for years.

Me: If there was a blank cheque to get the deal done for you to work with anybody, who would be top of your list? 

Devlin: Bruce Springsteen and Eminem, hands down the two writers I have immense respect for, ever since I was introduced to their music all those years ago. 

Me: Is it true that Kanye West featured you on one of his video blogs? If so, that must've been a big confidence boost

Devlin: It is, but to this day i think he was taking the piss loll, two white geezers in a park he labelled "Gangsta Rappers". If he was being funny or not, it was still a good look for me and Dogz. Big up Mr West.

Me: So what is next for yourself? When can we expect some new material?

Devlin: Album three is going to be the next release and is getting ever nearer completion, but no concrete release date as of yet.

Me: Ok lastly, if Pinnochio said "My nose will grow" what would happen?

Devlin: Mrs Pinnochio would be a very happy lady that night lolll .

Me: Well, cheers for that mate it's been a pleasure and we'll catch up soon.

Devlin: No worries, all the best Bozie..

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